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Hardwired Creative Technologies (HWCT) develops and operates Internet and communication services as a single, easy to use platform for individuals and small businesses. Our goal is to bring creative technology to targeted industries through strategic, creative and cutting edge technical innovation.

Our products re-imagine commonly used services such as web, e-commerce, email and text messaging into a single platform and provide a “first-to-market” opportunity within targeted markets, especially the mobile marketing platforms.

HCWT proprietary technology is brand powered by HDWRD Platinum (HPP) consisting of cloud based services, occasionally supplemented by local on-site hardware and software. We deliver solutions on-demand to customers who can access and manage their small and medium-sized business over the internet using a standard web browser and through mobile devices.



Business Marketing For Cannabis

Tokintext brings business marketing to cannibis. Tokintext integrates traditional email marketing with modern text messaging specifically designed for the cannabis industry.


HDWRD Platinum.

HDWRD brings digital marketing to businesses and enterprises. HDWRD integrates traditional email marketing with modern text messaging in a simple, easy to use portal.



togomeals.biz is a unique on-line ordering system with text message and email marketing systems for restuarants.

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